History of

Madame Vodka

Even if her roots are Russian and Polish, Madame Vodka was born in France, more precisely in Charente. She is proud of her origins, but her values are different from those of her ancestors.

As a child, she was called "Little Vodka". Feeding mainly on quinoa from organic farming, she has grown up modestly in the shadow of the vodka family.

She loves nature and is concerned about the pollution of the environment. She has always promised to do her utmost to preserve her land and to help others to do so.

"Little Vodka" has grown up, she eats well and looks well. Today,  a beautiful bottle that has emerged. "Little Vodka" has become "Madame Vodka". Elegant, Madame Vodka knows what she knows what she wants and how to get it.

Madame Vodka is a free spirit. She loves spending her time with friends in cocktail bars, trendy places or simply at home. For Madame, the most important thing is to have fun with good company.

She loves to meet new people and share fun moments.
A music fan, she loves classical, jazz, rock and electro. A good ambiance makes everything enjoyable.

She sometimes needs to escape, discover the world and absorb different cultures.

Dynamic and motivated, despite her serious side, Madame is super trendy ! And that's why we love her.


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