Madame, respectful of nature.

Madame Vodka is very concerned about the environment. This is why she only feeds on quinoa grown organically by artisan farmers.


Moreover, every year she uses some of her profits to help reforestation, improve the environment and protect the French terroir.

Madame is

proudly French!

Madame Vodka wants to highlight the French savoir-faire.


This is why that she has strong links with local partners.

Madame loves quality

Madame Vodka works with farmers concerned about the quality of their crops and the environment.


The organic quinoa from the Loire Valley is cultivated in small quantities to obtain the best seeds, perfect to bring out the sublime texture of Madame Vodka.

Madame is distilled in an old-fashioned traditional pot still in the famous region of Cognac.

 Madame likes to


She charms both men and women neat, on ice, in cocktails or even with caviar.

Of course, she often with her friend Moderation, who keeps her in check.

 Madame is crafted

She is meticulously prepared by hand:

From the selection of the organic quinoa to the preparation and distillation in an old traditional pot still in Charente, the reduction with still pure water from Gensac the Pallue, to the shipping.

 Madame is original

Her creators wanted to offer a new style of vodka.

This vodka made of organic quinoa is unique and allows you to put cereals in your glass (good for your health) instead of on your plate.

 Madame is connected.

You can find Madame Vodka on

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Feel free to share your experiences with us as we will do with you. Sharing makes everything more fun!



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